What RISE is "about"

RISE is simply about Great Coffee. We're passionate about coffee. We love the taste, the aroma and the stories, and we simply want to enhance your coffee experience. Coffee shouldn't be highbrow or a guilty pleasure, so we ensure our coffee is certified Fair Trade and Organic, for superior taste and sustainability. And we have great relationships with our suppliers (Check them out here!). 

We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your coffee. We don't mind if your a coffee connoisseur or rookie. We're just here to help and make YOUR coffee the way YOU like it!

Our expert Baristas live coffee. They're passionate about coffee. So come and listen to our vinyls, quiz our Baristas, and most importantly, enjoy your coffee.

 We're Hilarious AND Informative!

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Get Your Coffee @ 107 Mutual Street . . .